Selected discography below. Discogs page here.

Archmage – “…And Skulls” (Recording, Mixing)

Purulency – Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions (Mixing)

Arsenal Mall – “Demo” (Recording, Mixing)

Vouna – “Atropos” (Drum Recording)

Mortiferum – “Disgorged from Psychotic Depths” (Drum/Bass Recording)

Putrid Tomb – “Putrid Tomb” (Recording, Mixing)

Cessation – “Cessation” (Recording, Mixing)

Mordom – “Cry of the Dying World” (Recording, Mixing)

Mephitic Corpse – “Immense Thickening Vomit” (Recording, Mixing)

Tideless – “Adrift in Grief” (Mixing)

Vouna – “Vouna” (Recording, Mixing)

Eigenlicht – “Self-Annihilating Consciousness” (Recording)

Mortiferum – “Altar of Decay” (Recording, Mixing)

Caustic Wound – “Grinding Terror” (Recording, Mixing)

Ignis – “The Fire Which Illuminates Naught” (Recording)

Entrail – “Eater of Starlight” (Recording, Mixing)

Warp Chamber – “Abdication of the Mind” (Recording, Mixing)

Ēōs – “Third Demo” (Recording, Mixing)

Eigenlicht – “Sacral Regicide” (Recording, Mixing)

Ēōs – “Ēōs” (Recording)