Recorders, Converters, Monitoring

Metric Halo 2882 3D (2) 8×8 A/D D/A converters/remote controlled mic preamp. The heart of my mobile rig.

Metric Halo ULN-2 3D (2) 2×2 A/D D/A converters/mic preamp/monitor controller. Great preamps/DI; the hub of my home mixing rig (and they travel well too).

Yamaha AD8HR 8 channel A/D converter/mic preamp. Underrated mic preamps that expand my location rig to 24 inputs.

Alesis Ai3 8 channel A/D/D/A converter. Mostly for messing around with hybrid mixing at home.

DBX 386 for a couple more inputs to the home rig. Cool A/D converter.

Otari MX-5050 Mk III-8 1/2″ multitrack tape recorder. My bb.

Denon DN-770R dual-well stereo cassette recorder. Oh the joys of having a functional cassette recorder. This one sounds pretty good.

AMR MCR-4 cassette 4-track/mixer. Did YOU know Peavey made a really sick 4 track in the late 1980s? Let’s make a record on it.

Tascam Portastudio 414 cassette 4-track. Might not be as cool as the MCR-4 but it’s a classic.

ATC SCM-12 nearfield studio monitors. Hearing is believing.

Too many power amps… currently testing an ART SLA-2, Hafler P225, and Op Amp Labs 440c.

M&K MPS1611p active nearfield monitors. The living room setup.

Avantone Active MixCube (1) mono reference monitor. Check those mids.

Rane HC-6 six channel headphone amplifier

Other Outboard

CAPI Gear VP26 (2) API-style microphone preamps. Favorite.

API 550A (2) three-band equalizers. Vintage ones!

IGS Rubber Bands 500 stereo inductor EQ. Solid state Pultec vibes.

DeltaLab Effectron II ADM 1024 digital delay. Such a classic.

Digitech RDS 3600 digital delay. Did I mention I have a digital delay problem?

ADC DD-4AX consumer-grade delay, modified by Gemma Dior.

Klark Teknik BBD-320 I confess I still haven’t even tried this one.

Alesis Microverb II stereo digital reverb. For some reason I keep holding onto this one.

Symetrix SX202 dual microphone preamp. Mostly for mobile analog sessions; it’s a solid little pre!

Studiomaster 16-4-2 mid-80s pro-sumer mixer. Affectionately known as “Studiodisaster”… details forthcoming as I overhaul this boat anchor.


AKG D112 (I can’t quit you)

Audio Technica ATM25 (even though this is a better kick mic)

Beyerdynamic M55 (vintage omni tape recorder mic)

Beyerdynamic M81 (x2) (these sound amazing on guitar cabs)

Beyerdynamic MC23 (weird little conference room mic)

Cascade Fat Head (x3, pair w/ Lundahl transformers and headbasket upgrade)

Cascade X-15 (Lundahl transformers) (drum kit or drum room in stereo)

Earthworks QTC40 (a little TOO accurate)

Electro Voice 635a (so much love for this lil guy)

Electro Voice N/D 308 (believe the hype)

Grundig GDSM202 (vibey vintage dynamics with Sennheiser capsules)

Microphone Parts S47 large diaphragm condenser (hot rodded MXL990 with replaced everything)

Oktava MK-012 (x3 preamp bodies, with stereo sets of cardioid LDC and SDC capsules and omni SDC capsules and one figure of eight LDC capsule) (these are becoming a favorite on tom toms)

Sennheiser MD407 (in the running for best guitar cab mic)

Sennheiser MD421-U-5 (x4) (probably need one more)

Shure SM57 (x3) (yeah ok)

Shure 545 Unidyne III (vintage USA) (x2) (love these)

Shure 548 Unidyne IV (this one is really cool. Also in the running for best guitar cab mic)

Shure SM58 (yeah ok pt. 2)

United Studio Technologies UTFET47 (if you can’t afford a Neumann get this!)